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Apply sealant easily and accurately with our collection of sealant guns. Whether you're sealing joints, sealing seams, or applying sealant, our sealant guns offer the control and precision you need for professional results. With ergonomic handles and adjustable pressure controls, our sealant guns deliver even sealant application for a perfect finish. Browse our range and make applying sealant a simple and stress-free task.
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Suitable for all common adhesives and sealants Suitable for standard cartridges of 290-310 ml Automatic pressure relief (anti-drip function) A continuous high pressure With LED work lamp Lightwei...
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You can create a perfect sealant with our caulking gun! The BATAVIA 7063927 cordless caulking gun ensures a perfect finish thanks to the constant automatic feed. The caulking gun works on a battery...
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Buy Cordless Caulking Gun

Sealing joints or bonding surfaces? Opt for a cordless caulking gun. This way, you won't be hindered by annoying cords during your tasks.

How to use different types of caulking guns or adhesive dispensers and what for?

An electric caulking gun comes in handy when caulking or bonding surfaces with various materials.

Thanks to a battery-powered caulking gun, you can apply a constant and even caulking line while minimizing drips. That's why it's also referred to as an automatic adhesive dispenser. The significant advantage of this cordless caulking gun is that it results in more precise and neater work.

Not only is the battery-powered caulking gun suitable for DIY enthusiasts, but it can also be used professionally.

And since the caulking gun is electric, you also avoid the hassle of searching for power outlets nearby. This allows you to work quickly and easily.

Best Caulking Gun

There are quite a few caulking guns, so which one is the best? That depends on your preferences.

How often do you plan to use it? Once every few months? You might not need the most expensive variant in that case.

Do you require a lot of power from your caulking gun? Then opt for a caulking gun with higher voltage.

So, the best caulking gun looks different for everyone, but one thing is for sure: Replace your old rusty silicone caulking gun with a cordless variant. It will save you a lot of time, frustration, and deliver neater results.

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