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Experience versatile heat power with our range of hot air guns. Whether you want to remove paint, apply heat shrink tubing or shape plastic, our hot air guns deliver the performance and precision you need. With adjustable temperature settings and different nozzles, our hot air guns offer the flexibility to meet all your needs. Browse our selection and discover how our hot air guns can make your jobs easier.
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A hot job gets done with our hot air gun!  The BATAVIA 7063519 battery hot air gun is ideal for bending assemblies such as PVC or film. The gun can be equipped with different nozzles. so you can ma...
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Buying Cordless Heat Gun

A heat gun (also known as a hot air gun or heat gun) is an essential tool that should not be missing from your toolkit. It is one of the most underrated and versatile tools you can own.

You can use a heat gun to remove paint residues, glue residues, and stickers, as well as for thawing pipes, removing weeds, and heating and bending PVC pipes.

A real all-rounder!

How and for what do you use different types of heat guns?

A heat gun or hot air dryer blows a hot air stream that can reach temperatures of up to 550°C.

Often, a heat gun is used to remove old paint or glue residues. With a narrower nozzle, you can also remove stickers and use a smaller airflow for tight corners and delicate projects.

But what about thawing frozen pipes? Handy in winter! Or burning weeds in your garden during summer.

In addition, you can bend and shrink various materials, such as PVC pipes and foil.

Best heat gun

When you buy a heat gun, it's likely to be one that plugs into an electrical socket. However, with a cordless heat gun, you won't have to worry about tripping over a cord. Plus, you can work anywhere without needing access to electricity.

A cordless heat gun is just as effective! Take, for example, the Batavia 18V Cordless Heat Gun. It uses only 270 watts to heat the air up to 550°C, without the danger of a wandering cord. Now, that's convenient!

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