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Solve clogged drains quickly and easily with our high-quality drain unblockers. Whether you're dealing with a clogged sink, shower or bathtub, our drain unblockers offer the strength and flexibility you need to clear blockages. With ergonomic design and durable materials, our drain unblockers provide an effective and long-lasting solution to drain problems. Browse our range and restore flow to your drains in no time.
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Drain stops? Start-up and unclog with our drain auger!  The BATAVIA 7063455 battery powered drain auger is the perfect solution to unblock the drain of your shower. tub. or sink. With this battery...
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Buy Cordless Drain Cleaner

Nothing is as frustrating as a clogged drain. That's why you should buy a cordless drain cleaner. This way, you'll have a powerful unclogger on hand to tackle your task.

How to use different types of drain cleaners or sink uncloggers and what for?

What about a clogged drain, a pipe full of grease, or a sewer disrupted by tree roots? How will you unclog that drain or sink? After all, there are countless drain cleaners on the market.

By using a cordless sink unclogger, you save yourself a lot of time. After manually inserting the spring into the drain, the machine rotates it, causing the blockage to disappear.

Best Cordless Sink Unclogger

But how do you choose the best unclogger for a sink or drain?

To determine which unclogger you're going to buy, it's best to look at the pipe diameters you're going to unclog.

Also, consider the type of blockage. Do you need a sink unclogger where soap, for example, is the culprit? Or is it about root growth in the sewer? One type of blockage requires coarser equipment than the other.

And lastly, consider how often you want to use the sink unclogger or another type of unclogger. Are you using the device multiple times a day for work, or is it occasionally useful?

So, which drain unclogger you buy strongly depends on the pipe diameters, the type of blockage, and how often you use the device.

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