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Meet a scrubber that cleans like you've never seen before: the Twin Brush. The Twin Brush is perfect for cleaning patios, pavement, homes, RVs, pools, boats and more. The Twin Brush's cleaning brush consists of two parts, an inner and outer brush. These brushes rotate in opposite directions. This ensures that you have more control over the machine and get excellent cleaning results Looking for even better cleaning results? Then connect your garden hose to the Twin Brush! Through this specially designed water inlet, water is dispersed through the brush. As a result, less water is lost and you end up getting the best possible results. To protect the scrubber from water, the Batavia Twin Brush has an IPX7 rating. This makes it even possible to use the Twin Brush underwater to a depth of 1 meter!
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Powerful battery scrubber. with patented 2-in-1 brushes that rotate against each other for optimal results Together with the optional extension handle (80 cm). the Twin Brush has a length of almos...
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