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Make drilling a breeze with our powerful impact drills. Whether you're drilling holes in wood, metal or concrete, our impact drills offer the performance and versatility you need for any job. With powerful motors and hammer functions, our machines deliver fast, accurate drilling in even the hardest material. Browse our selection and experience the efficiency and reliability of our impact drills.
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The Batavia 900W Hammer Drill is perfect for drilling into a variety of surfaces, including masonry, soft concrete, metal, wood and hard stone. The powerful 900W motor combined with the impact dril...
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Complete set with 2 batteries. one charger and a storage case Hammer function for drilling in stone & masonry Durable metal drill chuck Ergonomic soft handle for comfortable working Metered el...
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The Batavia FIXXPACK cordless drill FIXXPACK. The Batavia line that focuses mainly on durability and the beginning DIY-er. but also for the home! In such a line. the old familiar cordless drill can...
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Buy Cordless Hammer Drill

Is your regular drill not up to the task or do you need to drill a hole in metal, wood, stone, or masonry? Then it's time to call in the reinforcements: a hammer drill.

A hammer drill has more power than a standard drill and effortlessly drills through hard surfaces. That makes hammer drilling an excellent option for heavy-duty tasks!

How and for what purposes do you use different types of electric hammer drills or cordless hammer drills?

Why should you buy a cordless hammer drill?

A cordless hammer drill easily bores through hard surfaces like wood, stone, and metal. This is because a hammer drill not only rotates but also makes a pounding motion. This way, the hammer drill crushes the material it's drilling through. For most challenging drilling tasks, this is the perfect machine.

You might have also come across the term "rotary hammer" and wonder what the difference is between a rotary hammer and a hammer drill?

A rotary hammer takes it to the next level and is especially suitable for heavy-duty work. Think, for example, of drilling through concrete.

Best hammer drill

The best hammer drill for stone, wood, and metal is a cordless hammer drill. With no cords and wires attached, you can use a cordless hammer drill anywhere.

Before buying a hammer drill, do check the weight of the machine. A heavy hammer drill can cause tired arms, especially during long tasks. Keep that in mind!

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