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Achieve smooth and professional finishes with our collection of orbital sanders. Whether you want to level surfaces, bevel edges or remove paint residue, our orbital sanders offer the precision and efficiency you need for any sanding job. With ergonomic design, powerful motors and interchangeable sanding sheets, our machines deliver consistent, high-quality results. Browse our selection and upgrade your sanding experience with our orbital sanders.
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Quickly sand large areas with the eccentric sander!  The BATAVIA 7063457 battery eccentric sander sands large areas faster than. for example. with an orbital sander. This is because the eccentric m...
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Buying an electric random orbital sander with battery

Looking for the ideal tool for coarse sanding work? Then the random orbital sander is exactly what you need.

This rotating sander can handle both large surfaces and curved materials with ease. Polishing is even part of the repertoire of this device!

How and for what do you use different types of random orbital sanders?

A battery-powered random orbital sander is a machine with a vibrating and rapidly rotating base, so you don't have to consider the grain direction of your surface.

Because this sander operates in a rotating motion, it is perfect for coarse sanding work.

In addition, an electrically powered random orbital sander also provides faster results. So, it saves you a lot of time!

When you choose a random orbital sander with dust extraction, you no longer have to think about vacuuming up all that dust afterwards.

Best random orbital sander

But which rotating sander suits you best?

First, look at the vibration value. You can feel this throughout your whole body when holding the device, so a low value is the most pleasant. The best random orbital sander often comes with additional features that limit vibrations.

Do you mainly want to sand large surfaces? Then look at the width of the sanding pad.

Do you need a powerful device? Then select a sander with a higher wattage. And if you mainly work in small corners? Then a small random orbital sander is probably a better fit for your needs.

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