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Thanks to the Maxxbrush multi-roller brush, every outdoor area undergoes a major overhaul. With the Maxxbrush, almost any surface can be cleaned and freed of dirt and growth. Optimise the results by using one of the specially designed accessory brushes, as each surface needs different treatment.Even with the first application, you can already remove old and solid growth. The extra wide brush (26 cm), with a special brush profile, cleans more evenly and effectively compared to conventional electric brushes or high-pressure cleaners.Carefully clean your wooden flooring outdoors. The roller brush is powered by a 1020 W motor and adapts to any surface thanks to the variable speed (800 – 1300 rpm).
Compared to high-pressure cleaners, you do not get yourself nor the surrounding area dirty when using the roller brush.The Maxxbrush also convinces on artificial grass. Thanks to the detail brush (special accessory) you can raise the grass of your artificial grass in the blink of an eye and also remove coarse dirt in the gaps.
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Operates on a powerful 1020 W motor Removes weeds. moss. algae. sand and other hard dirt A suitable brush for every job With variable speed control for every surface Works perfectly on wet and dr...