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Go for versatility and power with our collection of reciprocating saws. Whether you're cutting materials, performing demolition work or cutting pipes, our reciprocating saws offer the performance and durability you need for any job. With quick-change blades and ergonomic design, our reciprocating saws provide comfortable and precise work. Explore our range and achieve professional results with every cut.
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Fast and simple cutting with our reciprocating saw!  The BATAVIA 7062507 reciprocating saw is a very good option if you need a saw for multiple jobs. A reciprocating saw is also called a scrub saw ...
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The Batavia FIXXPACK cordless reciprocating saw FIXXPACK. The Batavia line that focuses mainly on durability and the beginning DIY-er. but also for around the house! Also. a compact saw always come...
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Buy Cordless Chainsaw

Felling trees, pruning fruit trees, or cutting a whole load of firewood? Then you're looking for the powerhouse among saws: the chainsaw or motor saw.

Plus, if you opt for a cordless chainsaw, you won't be hindered by annoying cords during your work!

How to use a chainsaw or motor saw and what to consider?

An electric tree saw or motor saw comes in handy during garden work or outdoor tasks, whether you're a professional landscaper or a garden enthusiast.

Thanks to a cordless chainsaw, you always have a powerful saw in your hand that can handle even large tasks.

The great advantage of a cordless chainsaw is that you can work much more safely. There's absolutely no risk of accidentally cutting through a cord.

Let's clear up a misconception right away. Chainsaws are also known as motor saws or tree saws - but in fact, they refer to the same type of saw.

Best Cordless Chainsaw

There are quite a few electric chainsaws, so which one is the best?

That depends on your needs.

How often do you want to use it? Once every few months or only in the autumn? Then you might not need the most expensive variant, or a small chainsaw might suffice.

Do you require a lot of power from your electric tree saw, or are you a professional landscaper? Then opt for a large chainsaw with higher voltage or a garden bundle with an electric tree saw and hedge trimmer.

So, the best motor saw looks different for everyone, but one thing is certain: Swap out your old gasoline-guzzling chainsaw for a version with a battery. That's better for the environment, and you'll work much more safely.

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