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Make precise miter cuts with our collection of miter saws. Whether you're installing baseboards, making moldings or doing woodworking projects, our miter saws offer the precision and versatility you need. With adjustable angles and sharp blades, our miter saws deliver professional results with every cut. Browse our selection and discover how our miter saws can take your jobs to the next level.
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The Mitre saw on location!  The BATAVIA 7063453 battery crosscut & miter saw is suitable for everyday sawing projects. but also sawing projects in locations where plugs and sockets are not (yet...
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Buy Miter Saw or Compound Miter Saw

Do you want to cut and saw wood, plastic, or laminate quickly and without much effort? Then a Batavia miter saw (also known as a compound miter saw) is the machine for you.

With a radial saw blade, sawdust collection bag, and cutting line laser, you work accurately and neatly. Moreover, our small, robust cordless miter saw is perfect if you're often on the go but don't want to saw everything by hand.

How and for what do you use different types of miter saws?

A cordless miter saw is ideal if you work in different locations where there are no outlets or power sockets. The small Batavia miter saw with a stand weighs only 12 kilograms, has a practical handle, a 4.0 Ah battery, and a quick charger.

This sets it apart from large miter saws, which are often more expensive and difficult to move. These are suitable for thick wood and larger projects.

The stand of a small miter saw set allows you to accurately make miter cuts at angles between 0 - 45º. In addition, the sliding function ensures that you can easily cut wide planks in one go.

This gives your electric miter saw the same functionality as a professional woodworking radial saw - without the expensive price tag!

Best Miter Saws

Do you want to buy the best miter saw for the job?

Then it's important to choose a miter saw machine that can cut at different angles. If you work in small spaces, it's also handy to be able to stabilize your compound miter saw using a stand or tripod.

Other types of saws and saw machines from Batavia Store

Is a miter saw or compound miter saw the right choice for you, or do you perhaps need a different electric saw?

Then take a look at our Batavia.