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Safety hammer MAXXSAFE

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Introducing the Maxxsafe, a life-saving tool for emergencies! The BATAVIA 7063860 safety hammer is a crucial addition to your car's safety kit, designed to enhance your protection on the road. With thousands of cars ending up in water bodies annually, the risk of accidents leading to submersion i...
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Technical Information

'Breakthru' with the Maxxsafe. a life-saving tool!

The BATAVIA 7063860 safety hammer does its bit for the safety of your car. This is because tens of thousands of cars end up in the water every year. The risk of being killed in a car accident or ending up in the water with your car is a serious threat. Weather conditions. a broken or missing guardrail. or inattention (such as looking at the smartphone). cause people to drown in the car every year. If you find yourself in a situation. trapped in a car underwater. a standard safety hammer will not work adequately due to misuse. the panic in the situation. possible untraceability or just not enough impact force to break a window due to the too high water resistance.

A new life-saving tool
The Maxxsafe is a new life-saving aid that you can use both above and below water. It is the best option to break a car window in a panic situation. especially when the water level in the car is high.

The advantages of the car window breaker:

  • Always present on the reverse of the car
  • Works both above and below water
  • The best option to break the window in a panic situation (with the exception of laminated glass)
  • Can be found by the warning LED that comes on when it comes into contact with water
  • Tested and approved by TÜV
  • Tested up to 8 mm toughened glass

Technical data:

  • Decal: 3M®
  • Battery: CR1632 3V Button Cell
  • Product weight without accessories: 0.11 kg
  • Product Dimensions (L × W × H): 82 × 82 × 54mm

What's in the package?

  • 1x 7063860 car window breaker
  • 1x seat belt cutter
  • 1x Manual
  • 1x Invoice (guarantee certificate)


Easy to find
A red LED light will start flashing as soon as the Maxxsafe comes into contact with water. As a result. you or your passenger always know to find the safest (emergency) exit. even if you can hardly see anything in the dark water or are shaken by the impact of the crash.

100% Functional underwater
The resistance of the water has no influence on the operation. Unlike the normal safety hammers which cannot be used reliably under water. Even children from the age of 8 can already use the Maxxsafe. because you do not need any force to break the window and the children can escape independently.

Always on the back window
The Maxxsafe is glued to the rear window of the car. Front-engined cars (about 99% of all cars) sink nose forward. As a result. the rear seats and trunk are the last places where you can possibly breathe and escape. That is why the Maxxsafe is mounted on the rear window and significantly increases the chance of escaping from the car under its own power.

How does the Maxxsafe work?
The Maxxsafe is glued to the rear window with the 3M® sticker. When a car enters the water. the water level in the car starts to rise quickly and it is absolutely uncertain whether a car door will be open. This waiting and trying is an enormous risk. Test films from Topgear® and Mythbusters®. among others. show this dangerous situation well. in which a door. among other things. simply cannot be opened. If possible. the best escape route is through the rear window. which you can reach through the rear seat and trunk. There you will find the Maxxsafe® on the rear window. also recognizable by the flashing LED warning light under water. All you then have to do is use the Maxxsafe rotary knob. This causes a steel pin to hit the rear window of the car and break the window. Now you can escape from the car much easier and get yourself to safety.

Order directly online
Ready to put this car window breaker in your car? Then you can place an order with us directly online. You immediately benefit from our super fast delivery and excellent warranty.

How many years warranty?
The BATAVIA 7063860 car window breaker comes with a 2 year warranty.

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