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The Batavia G-Light wall dispenser, a unique solution that combines the functionality of a light source with a sensor-controlled hand sanitizer dispenser. With a built-in motion sensor, the G-Light illuminates when a visitor approaches, serving as a gentle reminder to disinfect hands. This versat...
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Technical Information

• Working voltage: 5V / 6V
• Working Current: 1 A
• Power supply: DC 5V adapter (not included)
4 pcs. battery C LR14 1.5V akaline cell (not included)
• Power: 5 W
• Protection class: IPX2
• Tank capacity: 550 ml
• Metal belt clip: Yes
• Liquid quanity per pump: 0.5 ml
• Battery life: 36 to 40 days based on 100 uses per day
• Body sensing distance: 2.5 m
• Product dimensions (L × W × H): 130 × 100 × 350 mm

Unique wall dispenser: the G-Light!

The BATAVIA 7063953 G-Light wall dispenser gives a call-to-action to visitors who come near this unique wall dispenser. Thanks to the built-in motion sensor. a light in the G-Light will turn on when a visitor approaches. This reminds visitors to disinfect their hands. The G-Light combines the benefits of three different products: a light for inside and outside a building. home. lobby. hallway. corridor or toilet. a sensor-controlled dispenser to invite visitors to disinfect their hands and a hands-free dispenser for disinfection gel. soap and other hygiene products.

Where to use the G-Light? 
The G-Light can be used practically anywhere. examples include:

  • Local authorities (town halls. community centers)
  • Companies (conference rooms. showrooms. canteens)
  • Schools (main entrance. classrooms. toilets)
  • Hospitality & Shops (Restaurants. cafes. stores)

The benefits of the G-Light: 

  • The G-Light is a hands-free wall dispenser
  • The G-Light has a beautiful design. which can be fully customized so that it fits perfectly into any environment
  • A hygiene product comes out automatically. when you move your hands under the G-Light
  • The G-Light has a secure wall mount

Technical data: 

  • Operating voltage: 5 V / 6 V
  • Operating current: 1 A
  • Power options:
                  - DC5V adapter (not included)
                  - 4 pieces of battery C LR14 1.5 V alkaline cell (not included)
  • Power: 5 W
  • Protection class: IPX2
  • Tank capacity: 550 ml
  • Amount of liquid per pump: 0.5 ml
  • Battery life: 36 - 40 days (based on 100x usage per day)
  • Body sensing distance: 2.5 m
  • Product dimensions (L × W × H): 130 × 100 × 350 mm

What's in the box? 

  • 1x 7063953 G-Light wall dispenser
  • 1x User manual
  • 1x Invoice (proof of warranty)

Convenient functionality and ease of use
With ease of use as a starting point. the dispenser lamp is equipped with all conveniences. Think of a sensor that detects movement. a dosage sensor that detects the hand. a fill indicator and LED light with COB technology. In addition. the G-Light works on both battery and mains power. allowing you to place and use it anywhere.

Indoor and outdoor use
The G-Light works both indoors and outdoors. Within company buildings. the device is easy to place in places where many people come or walk by. For example. at the entrance to a company restaurant. meeting room or reception desk. Also outside at the entrance of stores. restaurants and hardware stores you can easily place it next to the door. Even schools. hotels and dental practices can make good use of the G-Light. As soon as visitors approach. the device lights up subtly. Thanks to the wall lock. the G-Light is theft-proof. The wall dispenser can therefore be hung up safely anywhere.

Design in your own house style
The stylish design of the dispenser lamp is in itself luxurious and professional. Thanks to the options for making the design in your own house style or branding. the lamp can be fully integrated into the interior. This can be done very modestly - for example with the company logo on the panel - or elaborately in a complete custom design. Extremely suitable for companies and public places. but also very suitable for use at home.

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How many years warranty? 
There is a 2 year warranty on the BATAVIA 7063953 G-Light wall dispenser.  

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